Monday, January 18, 2010


Life is getting better..juz came back from incheon, was so damn freaking cold.xberkesempatan tuk keluar since sejuk sgt smp pipi n telinga merah..b4 tu i have been to dubai..i love dubai!nice place to go.did some shopping since kat sana almost 5days.yg best nye,perfume kat sana murah..aku berkesempatan beli tshirt,perfume,some souvenirs,kurma(chocodate),make ime kalo g plan nak beli jubah ala2 mak arab warna hitam tu.murah je..rm50 dh leh dpt.

Next story is im married!

10.01.10 is the lucky date.saya telah dinikahkan dgn NA*..hehe.nama biar la dirahsiakan.biar la gmbr yg bercerita..

More pics in fb..pray for my happiness.peace,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!

Omg..cepatnye dah 2010.a lot of things happen in 2009..but past is need to go on..well 2010 gonna be my year.insyallah i will get marry dis year on 10jan.n skrg dh mls nak mengupdate here n there.but i will try to update it as many post as i is getting better..byk benda need to be settle in dis few days..then im done with it.keje?getting better.dis month ade trip to incheon..ingat nak mutual but see how it goes.i juz wish dat 2010 gonna bring me sum luck in life..juz wanna have a peaceful life with my future husband.dis year planning nak g holiday jauh2 skit but plan is still a plan.hopefully jadi..hehe.tingin nak g krabi island..hope wish cum guys,juz wanna wish happy new year..have a very memorable year.buang yang keruh amik yg jernih.peace.