Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Dah lama xon9..huhu.and almost one month tak wat blog.well al maklum la bz ngan training..well actually byk benda nak citer tapi aku pendekkan ye..

Well on d first day training,ok la..mcm nerd2 la skit kan..skema je.lepas 2 lama kelamaan jadi best training ni,blajar pasal induction, rules n regulations,grooming class, IMPACT..n now tgh blajar communication skills.sounds boring kan,but actually itz fun becoz instructors die best2 n funny!n makes that class interesting.

Byk benda la aku blajar..itz not juz about how we going to serve people but also to learn about courtesy..tak kira la sama ade kat tempat keje or kat luar..only dat people will respect us.

Org slalu ingat nak jadi stewardess senang je...but not really.N org selalu ingat jadi stewardess main serve org je..but u guys r wrong.we learn a lot of things..i can be a nurse,i can b a waitress,i can be a tourist guide cos of the info that we had.n we also do have exams..baru2 ni ade part1 exam pasal ape yg kitorg dah blajar n thank god i examination will be next tuesday plak,kitorg kena wat announcement on board.hopefully i pass coz if not im not allow to do any announcement on board n might be difficult for me in the future to get promoted.

So people who likes to deal with people,try to join as a cabin crew..itz fun n u guys can absorb a lot of info(wah..promote ni)..

One thing yg aku takot skrg ni if i fail safety exam,then i'll be terminate from being cabin crew so guys pray for me k..

Actually ade byk lagi gmbr but aku masukkan nanti dlm entry baru ye..Enjoy the pictures!

dis in my new image with short hair..hehe